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Peter Newberry
20+ years teaching experience, pro musician, BA Music degree (grade: 1st). During my playing career I have performed all over the world on cruise ships with Princess Cruises, playing guitar in a wide range of musical styles - Pop, Rock, Jazz, Funk, Heavy Metal, Showtunes, and beyond. As a teacher, I am dedicated to getting beginners started, helping students improve, achieving musical goals, developing skills and techniques, and most importantly helping students to enjoy making music! I can work with you towards individual goals - this may be learning a particular song, working on a certain style or technique, improving ear training or sight-reading, working towards an examination, or all of the above. I can help you to develop your own musical ideas - to help you improvise, solo, how to play along with backing tracks, how to create your own music, how to play in a band, how to play the songs your hear and how to think about music like a pro. I will show you new musical ideas, "licks" and techniques, from very simple to advanced, from heavy rock to jazz, that ANYONE can use to spice up their playing. Most importantly, I will help you to enjoy playing music and get the most out of your instrument! Beginners / Intermediate / Advanced students all welcome. Having played professionally for many years as a Lead Guitarist and Bassist, it gives me great satisfaction to help others improve. I look forward to meeting you and helping you with your playing. ALL STYLE COVERED - POP/ROCK/METAL/BLUES/ACOUSTIC/FUNK/JAZZ AND MANY MORE Thanks and I look forward to meeting you!
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beginner, intermediate, advanced
blues, country, funk, jazz, metal, pop, punk, rock