Can I share files with a Student?

Yes! We’ve created an easy way for you to share files with a student during the lesson.
Simply go to “Music Files” under your user name, top right. There, you can upload any files from your device to Laughing Camel. To share the file, simply use the Copy Link button. This will copy the link to your clipboard. Then paste that link (Ctrl V on most computers) into the text box during a lesson.
Use PDF’s, JPG’s or something similar that anyone can open without special software. Avoid files such as Word documents that can only be opened by
students with a Microsoft Office subscription.
Don’t forget to include files such as chord charts, scales, manuscript paper,practice sheets or anything else you use in your lessons. These can be nice little ‘freebies’ for your student and will help you boost your rating.

Why do I get logged out automatically?

Teachers are automatically taken off the Live Teachers listing after two hours if they don’t perform any activity on the site. This ensures that Live Teachers are actually still available for a lesson (and didn’t just forget to log out before they went to bed :(; ).
If you’re automatically logged off but you’re actually still available, you can just Go Live again. There is no penalty.
If you want to avoid being taken off the Live Teachers listing, just press on the Laughing Camel icon at top left within the two hours. This will simply refresh the page you are on and let the system know you are still available for a lesson.

How do I know when a student wants to start a lesson with me?

When a student has selected you and wants to start a lesson with you, an audible and visual alarm will go off. Make sure you have your volume turned
up so that you can hear this.
Once you go Live, please ensure that you are nearby at all times. You have one minute to respond to a student request for a lesson. If you don’t respond in time, the student will be informed that you are unavailable and you will be automatically taken off the Live Teachers listing.

How much should I charge?

Start with a modest fee (but not too low – you don’t want to undervalue yourself). This will help you to build up your reputation and feedback scores.
Check other teachers’ fees to get a sense of what you should charge.
As you gain experience on the site and build up your reputation (comments and feedback scores) you will be able to command higher fees.

How should I start the lesson?

Start by establishing rapport (being friendly) with the student so that they feel comfortable. This may be a new experience for them and they may be a bit nervous or unsure about what they need to do.
Ask the student at the start of the lesson how long they would like the lesson last. Likewise, tell the student if you have limited time so that there are no surprises and the lesson can end smoothly.
Check in with the student to see what they would like to achieve during the lesson, what they’d like to learn, and what they want to take away from the
lesson that would make them happy with their progress.
At the end of the lesson, provide a short recap on what you’ve covered, and what they’ve learnt so that they feel a sense of accomplishment.


In addition to Laughing Camel’s commission, you may be charged small amounts by financial service providers (e.g. to use PayPal or by your credit
card provider).