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About us

What is Laughing Camel?
Laughing Camel is an online platform where aspiring guitar heroes and guitar teachers come together over the Internet for a guitar lesson (even if they’re on the opposite sides of the world). Whether from the comfort of your home, or while doing a camel trek in the Australian outback, it doesn’t matter: if you have access to the Internet,and a laptop, then you can take a guitar lesson on Laughing Camel.
You simply log onto http://www.laughingcamel.net and pick one of the available teachers. Just click on their photo – and like magic, we connect you to your teacher and the live, one-on-one lesson begins.

Why Laughing Camel?
Learning to play the guitar is more fun and effective with a friendly, experienced teacher – and we’ve got tons of those!
Here at Laughing Camel, we understand that committing to lessons that you have to travel to, at the same time every week, is a hassle! That’s why we’ve created the easiest way to learn guitar. Just log on at your convenience, wherever you happen to be in the world, at whatever time works for you. You’ll see a list of teachers who are currently online. Click to see their full profile. And if it’s a match with what you’re looking for,
start a lesson, then and there. It’s never been easier or more fun to learn how to play the guitar!

Who founded Laughing Camel?
Gerald left his office cubicle behind to play guitar and to travel the world. He started teaching guitar and became inspired by watching the children he taught grow from little wannabe rock stars to full-sized guitar heroes.
Gerald noticed that online classes were growing in popularity. But prospective online teachers had many hurdles to clear. They had to set up websites, teleconference technologies, payment gateways, business management systems, the list goes on … and then they finally had to try to attract students. Laughing Camel solves all this by providing an online marketplace for students and teachers. http://www.laughingcamel.net makes it easier than ever to learn and teach guitar.

Life may be complicated, but finding a time and place to enjoy a guitar lesson doesn’t have to be. That’s what Laughing Camel is about.